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Week 83 - Two Years After the Quebec City Massacre, NHL's John Scott Rule, Three Takes on Future of Journalism, Millennial Burnout, Schitt's Creek, and more

Week 82 - Fyre Fest Docs, Lost Years of Law School, Deerhunter, NTS Radio, Canadian Gun Violence, Terrace House, and more

Week 81 - theread's Best of 2018 Round-Up: Links!

Week 80 - theread's Best of 2018 Round-Up: Books, Movies, TV and more

Week 79 - theread's Best of 2018 Round-Up: Music

Week 78 - Extreme Weather, Insectless Armageddon, Death of the Montreal Bagel, Cult of Aphex Twin, and more

Week 77 - Auroville: A Dystopic Utopia, A Star Is Born, Dogs, Kurt Vile,  Silicon Valley Bread Bros, Wildfire Prevention, and more

Week 76 - Jason Kenney's Bad Apples, Psychopaths, Negotiating Athlete Contracts, Rosalía, Faith Goldy, Turkey Brining, and more

Week 75 - Dionne Brand, Drake Visits Vancouver, Ovid References, Anti-Semitism, boygenius, Vince Staples, and more

Week 74 - Vancouver's Persistent Segregation, American Violence, Brazil Elects a Fascist, Nick Cave, Canadian Media Fails Racialized Canadians, and more

Week 73 - Conservatives Ignore Climate Policy at Our Collective Peril, Axel Honneth on Socialism, Ode to the iPod, Finding Big Country, Daniel Caesar, and more

Week 72 - How Capitalism and the White Saviour Complex Destroy the Moral Foundation of International Development Work

Week 71 - Carbon Tax is Canada's MAGA?, IPCC Report, Journalistic Sources Protection Act, Hyperpolyglots, Mitski, Jane, and more

Week 70 - Canada's Constitutional Culture, Toronto: Segregated and Boring, Women's Tears of Fury, Depression, Fela Kuti and Alice Coltrane

Week 69 - US Immigration Crisis, Sixties Scoop Apology, Ordinary People in Nazi Germany, Won't You Be My Neighbor, Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Louvre, and more

Week 68 - Poetry and the Politics of Pride, Anthony Bourdain, KIDS SEE GHOSTS, Vaping, and more

Week 67 - Consequences for Physician Sexual Assault, LGBTQ+ in India, ye, Killing Eve, Garry Oak Meadows, and more

Week 66 - Mohamed Salah, Bored is the New Happy, Pusha-T's DAYTONA vs. A$AP Rocky's TESTING, Rhubarb, Chelsea Flower Show and more

Week 65 - Conservative Threat to Free Speech, Jordan Peterson Babbles About Witches, Ugly Delicious, the Internet is Lame, and more

Week 64 - The Legacy of Beth Chatto, the Dissonance of Israel/Palestine, Nicolas Jaar and Jon Hopkins, and more

Week 63 - Retina Scan Banking, Vancouver Housing Crisis, Detectorists, Personal Essays, Raku Inoue, and more

Week 62 - Misogyny Kills, Conservative Rage Against Suzuki, Men Ruined Alt-Rock Radio, Zadie Smith's White Teeth, Rent-A-Family, and more

Week 61 - The Simpsons, Tinariwen, Yaser Murtaja, Relationship Columns, Rick Mercer Report, Vox Populi and more.

Week 60 - Searching for Hope in Gaza, Broadchurch, Are Defense Lawyers Feminists?, Canada Reads, Disco Deewane, Politics in Law Schools, and more.

Week 59 - Is It Unethical to Quit Facebook?, Prisoners' Access to Health Care, Yo La Tengo, Argentinian Feminist Horror Fiction, Call Me By Your Name and more.

Week 58 - Vriend: The Landmark LGBTQ Decision from Alberta, Facebook's Falling Stock, Russian 'Election', and more.

Week 57 - The Male Glance in Art and the Judicial System, Queer Eye, serpentwithfeet, Ford Nation and more.

Week 56 - The Oscars, Time's Up, Shaquem Griffin, and a Big Fat Reading List.

Week 55 - Justice for Tina Fontaine, Sexual Assault Trials, Trump's Steel Tariffs, What We're Reading, and more.

Week 54 - The Changing Face of Figure Skating, 2 Chainz, Jordan Peterson, and more.

Week 53 - The Stanley Trial and Access to Justice, Kendrick Lamar's Black Panther Soundtrack, and OLYMPICS FEVER!!! 

Week 52 - NHL Goes #AllLivesMatter, Friendship and The Good Place, Abandoning Books, Justin Timberlake, Freakebana, War in Afghanistan & more.

Week 51 - Anniversary of the Quebec Mosque Shooting, Google Makes a Racist App, #MeToo in CanPol, #MeToo + Due Process, How Playlists Killed the Album, & more.

Week 50 - Three Billboards vs. The Shape of Water, The Daily Stormer vs. Cloudflare, Algorithmic Prejudice, The Wire, The KKK in Edmonton, Music to Work to.

Week 49 - Sex in a Misogynist World, an UBEReats courier on the Gig Economy, The Awl, Canlit, Quality Control, #MeToo and Criminal Retribution. 

Week 48 - Our favourite reads of 2017.

Week 47 - "Cat Person", Jerusalem, Canada in the Covers of Granta, Sexual Harassment,  the UCP, and more.

Week 46 - Our Favorite Music of 2017, Ed Sheeran's Poverty Porn, Canada's Pragmatic Environmentalism, Saad Hariri, Venezuela's Economic Crisis, and more.

Week 45 - How a Group of Drug Users Transformed Canada's Drug Policy, Twerking, Sharks & Sandwiches, Trudeau's Apology to Residential School Survivors.

Week 44 - Staying Vigilant, The Concussion Conversation the NHL Isn't Having, Big Pharma & the Opioid Crisis, Carbon Capture Technology, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Week 43 - Fuck Men, Edmonton Eskimos: Change the Name, Ty Dolla $ign, The N.S.A., Wendell Berry, The Personal History of War, The Wire, and more.

Week 42 - Ktunaxa Nation v. BC, "People You May Know", RIP 241 Pizza, Julien Baker, The Fall of Raqqa, Finding Meaning in the Metropolis, and more.

Week 41 - A New Breed of Proselytizers in Canada's North, Artificial Intelligence, Fever Ray & John Maus, The Rohingya Refugee Crisis, Magnitsky Act, and more.

Week 40 - Quebec's Niqab Ban, Ai Wei Wei's Human Flow, Destroyer, Ta-Nehisi Coates v. Junot Diaz, Tech Dystopia, and more.

Week 39 - Jagmeet Singh's Controversial Power & Politics Interview, Cuffin' Season, Naheed Nenshi's Victory, Diwali Mubarak, Junot Díaz, and more.

Week 38 - Race & Beauty, Harvey Weinstein, Hometown Nostalgia, Tom Petty, Essay B, and more.

Week 37 - The Attack in Edmonton, Moses Sumney, Bras and Rape Jokes, Nationalism in Catalan and Kurdistan, Alberta's Progressive Shift, and more.

Week 36 - Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar, Colin Kaepernick, The Emmys, Rostam, "The Triplet Flow", Lido Pimienta, and more.

Week 35 - The Water Crisis in Indigenous Communities, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Wide Reach of Whiteness, Edmonton's Accidental Beach, Mount Kimbie, and more.

Week 34 - Charlottesville and American White Supremacy , Islamophobia and The National Post, The Toxic Legacy of John A. Macdonald, The National, The Toronto Airshow, Daniel Caeser, and more.

Week 33 - Why Liu Xiaobo Matters, The Legacy of Hersh Wolch, Science vs. Politics, Tyler, The Creator, and more.

Week 32 - Omar Khadr and a Divided Canada, Wild Flowers of the Rockies, James Baldwin, Japanese Breakfast, and More

Week 31 - Reflecting on Canada 150, Vivek Shanbhag’s Great Indian Novel, Leonard Cohen, Louise Burns, and more.

Week 30 - Trudeau Fails First Nations Children, Canada Charts New Diplomatic Path Alone, Landmark Cases in Internet Law, Polaris Prize Long List, and more.

Week 29 - Different Strands of Extremism/Same World View, Polaris Prize Long List, Grenfell Fire, The Babadook, and more.

Week 28 - A Very Bad Pride Week for Alberta’s United Conservative Party, The 25 Best Movies of the 21st Century (??), 88rising, Planetarium, Spotlight: Parkdale

Week 27 - Counterterrorism Tactics at Standing Rock, 'Despacito', Dennis Edney & Omar Khadr, (Sandy) Alex G, South Asian Women in Early 1900s Canada.

Week 26 - Andrew Scheer, Aleppo After The Fall, El Utimo, S-Town, New Music from Everything Is Recorded and The Mountain Goats, Books as Art

Week 25 - How Art Shapes History, Detroit's New Renaissance,  Cultural Appropriation and Canadian Hypocrisy, An Unforgivably Modern Anne, Alex Tizon.

Week 24 - #AppropriationPrize (and some serious Electric Circus nostalgia), MMIWG Inquiry Delayed Again, Our Current Reads, Soccer under Assad, The National

Week 23 - The Desmond Cole Media Storm, Cadence Weapon, New Guidelines for LGBTQ Refugee Claimants, Paula Simons, Dear White People, New Indie Music, And More.

Week 22 - The Handmaid's Tale, #vanlife, The Best of Canadaland, Rostam, and Boring Elliotte Friedman

Week 21 - Tech Monopolies, Le Pen, Regulating Online Expression, NHL Playoff Predictions, The War On Drugs

Week 20 - This Week's Conversations: Stoner, Musings of the Very Old, Combating Trumpism, World's 50 Best Restaurants, DAMN., Mount Eerie, Menstruation

Week 19 - This Week's Conversations: Compassion in the Judicial System, Delight of Recovery, Mura Masa, Pulitzer Prize Winners, Cedric Morris, Test Taking

Week 18 - This Week's Conversations: Uber, Dave Chappelle, Preventing Dystopia, Canadian Magazine Award Season, Kendrick Lamar

Week 17 - This Week's Conversations: Grammar, Naturalistic Floral Design, Kendrick Lamar, Love Letters, Anne, New Underground Railway, Duterte

Week 16 - This Week's Conversations: Derek Walcott, Hyphens and Commas, Ireland, Where Music is Heading, Marriage Advice, Chuck Berry, Crossing Gates,  & More

Week 15 - This Week's Conversations: Police Street Checks, Ahmed Hussen, Get Out, Cultural Expressions of Gender and Sexuality, Names

Week 14 - This Week's Conversations: Electoral Reform, Desi Dilemma, MMIWG Inquiry, Britain's Historical Amnesia, blonded RADIO, Adulting?

Week 13 - This Week's Conversations: Seeking Asylum in Canada, Oscars, Playground Accessibility, Chef's Table, Creative Genius, Facebook Utopia

Week 12 - This Week's Conversations: Motion 103, Beyoncé, Talking to Racists, Music and Sports in a Hyper-Political Time, Uber's Sexist Workplace

Week 11 - Women Are Saving Satire in the Trump Era

Week 10 - This Week's Conversations: Talking to Kids About Prejudice, Schools and Data, Thundercat, Cynical May, Vancouver's Bubble, Charleston & Quebec

Week 9 - This Week's Conversations: Quebec Attack, Canada's Oldest Mosque, Arrival, Killings in the Philippines, Jason Kenney, Battle of Mosul, Bad and Boujee

Week 8 - This Week's Conversations: Diversity in Canadian Media, Women's March, Punching Nazis, Trump Protest Songs, Nature of Time

Week 7 - This Week's Conversations: Apolitical Drake, Butter, Franzen on Munro, Beacon Hill, Quit Facebook, Hatecopy, Insecure Soundtrack

Week 6 - This Week's Conversations: Selling Carbon Pricing, Giving Female Authors their Due, Leitch Trumps, the Boyden Controversy

Week 5 - This Week's Conversations: Israel's Dilemma, Airbnb Ethics, Unconditional, Xenofeminist Manifesto, Silent Witness, and the Best Journalism of 2016

Week 4 - This Week's Conversations: Trump's Threat to Press Freedom, Journalism Confronts Digital, Toshiro Mifune, Cezanne, Canada's Volleyball Superstar

Week 3 - This Week's Conversations: B.C.'s Looming Earthquakes, Ta-Nehisi Coates on Obama, Race In Spite of Privilege, Fake News, Loneliness

Week 2 - This Week's Conversations: Political Correctness, Solitary Confinement, Race, Google, Bhupen Khakhar, Vice, and the Year in Music

Week 1 - This Week's Conversations: Trans Mountain, Young Russians, Fentanyl, Populists, Moonlight, and Disco