Donald Glover Redefines Conceptions of Black America

2016 was a remarkable year for Donald Glover. His television show Atlanta premiered on FX to critical acclaim, while his third studio album as Childish Gambino released this year to similar praise.

Atlanta is revolutionary in the themes and manner in which it explores African American culture and identity.

Atlanta has received rave reviews for its originality, exploration of themes such as privilege and masculinity, and its ‘slow pace’ storytelling.

"Awaken, My Love!” also dropped to widespread acclaim this year for its imagination. The album has a distinct retro-funk feel, but it’s more than a homage. As Carrie Battan argues, it’s part of Glover’s broader aim for 2016, which appears to be complicating popular understandings of African American art and life.

Amy Sanderson21/12/16