People with Dicks: Do Better

I listened to this podcast on dick pics so you don’t have to. It 100% affirms everything most women know: many guys like sending dick pics, but only gay guys like receiving dick pics. I don’t have to actually mention women in the summary because women’s consent and desires do not factor into dick pic-ing at all. One man interviewed, who sent 5 dick pics that day alone, says, “And they say women don’t like dick pics, but I don’t know. I can’t imagine how they wouldn’t. I mean, it’s a dick pic.” He probably can’t imagine a woman needing anything more than his dick to orgasm as well.

Further (and more empathetic) reading: “I’m often asked why I started [Critique My Dick Pic], and the truth is that I woke up one morning to a dick pic so good that I felt inspired to change the others. That’s all it was—one excellent, well-planned pic from a person whose dick I explicitly wanted to see. I was jarred by how unnecessarily rare that move was and struck by the conviction that people with dicks could do better.”

Amy Sanderson