Gavin Schmitt: Canada's Volleyball Superstar

Buried in the middle of the latest edition of Maisonneuve, an award winning Montreal-based magazine on arts and ideas, is “All On the Line,” a feature by Richard Kelly Kemick on Gavin Schmitt. You likely have no idea who Gavin Schmitt is – but he is one of Canada’s most prolific living athletes and is celebrated internationally.

Schmitt is one of the greatest volleyball players in the world. He is a superstar. However, volleyball doesn’t have the same stature here as it does in Europe or Brazil, and so, as Kemick notes, Schmitt blends in with all the other oddly tall men you may find in Saskatoon.

The feature is introduced as a profile of Schmitt. In reality, though, it is about Kemick, who as a former volleyball player, comes to terms, in a hilarious and somewhat bitter manner, with the fact that he can never enter the world of elite volleyball. 

Amy Sanderson28/12/16