Toughening Up Progressive Political Strategies

In Canada, we have  progressive governments at municipal and provincial levels, and one holding the federal government,  but most of us appreciate the tenuousness of the progressive hold on power and are worried about upcoming elections. As one of our friends said the other night, “it’s time to bring a knife to the fight.”

While we don’t agree on whether some of the distasteful tactics the right has used, like gerrymandering, voter suppression, and dog whistle politics, should be incorporated into progressive strategies for gaining and protecting political power, none of us deny the need for progressives to be constructively loud and visible. Since we're Albertan, we see success coming from pragmatic, local engagement strategies, built on an acceptance of the limitations of our political representatives’ abilities, which is why this playbook that just came out in the U.S., updating Tea Party strategies for the left, seems sensible and worth a read.

Amy Sanderson28/12/16