The Music of Moonlight

If you haven't seen the film Moonlight, yet, cancel your plans and go this evening. Go right now. It's the best film of the year (I say this with complete confidence, even though it's 1 of maybe 3 movies I've seen in 2016).

Moonlight tells the story of a young boy coming of age in Liberty City, Miami during the height of the 'War on Drugs', as he struggles with essential questions of identity, sexuality, and masculinity. It's perfectly acted, perfectly directed, and deeply affecting.

Viewers are also struck film's captivating soundtrack, which features a mix of Southern hip hop and orchestral music, 'chopped and screwed' to unique effect. In a fascinating interview with Pitchfork, Moonlight's director Barry Jenkins discusses the inspiration behind the soundtrack and original score, and reflects on the film's powerful and timely themes.

Amy Sanderson07/12/16